Tuesday, 19 June 2018

12,000 Quid for this? Has it been worth it? Ask a silly Question!

I've been banging on for years about what a great bargain we stumbled across 19 years ago when we picked up our house in Brittany for just £12,000 plus fees - so about £16,000 in all. Obviously we have spent a few quid doing it up BUT it still hasn't cost us any more than around 80k in total including the purchase price. Of course it has been our 'holiday' home (sometimes anyone within an arm's length when they say "have a nice holiday" is in danger of a swipe... I'm thinking here of my wife rather than myself) and, because we don't live there year round, we have spent many times the cost of the house on ferry crossings... but "Has it been worth it?" 

You bet it has!! and sometimes spending most of one's time over there renovating is not everyone's idea of anything approaching a holiday! Saying this does sort the men out from the boys (in this day and age you're almost bound to upset some people with a choice of words when looking for the right way to explain a situation in an easy to understand way). 'To renovate yourself - or - buy in the skills?' You also, if not able or wanting to get involved can spend some money to improve your bargain via reliable artisans - or - a little of each.

New roof front and rear including dormer and Velux's
The astounding thing is that, comparatively, there are still such bargains to be had. Don't believe me?
Recently, OK, within the last 2 years, acquaintances - who have now become good friends bought two houses (so 5 bedrooms in all) on an exceptional courtyard with great outbuildings on land of 3,000m2 at the wetlands end of a 6km lake for just £100,000 all perfectly habitable. Sounds perfect n'est ce pas? As it happens, and the way their life is panning out, it coincides with them downsizing on their property in the UK as well as spending more time at their house in France, so it fits their requirements perfectly and is also very do-able financially. 
Not everyone has that amount of good fortune or the funds to juggle in what looks like such a trouble-free way. But no two life stories are the same. But by no means should you feel that this game is only for 'rich folks'... Far from it...We might live in Southern England but we ain't rich!... Just a bit nearer to the channel ports which do make this kind of thing more achievable and less hassle.
Whatever you might think about Brexit or the bouncing Exchange Rates there are still bargains aplenty... If you have an inkling about being interested in a Brittany (or Normandy) bargain
then you should begin your search at
www.ahouseinbrittany.com OR www.ahouseinnormandy.com

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