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Watch out... There's a Banker About!!

Buy a House in Brittany or Normandy - Definitely! But... Don’t do a Dave! Buying Abroad?  Got a minute? Read this... It could save you thousands ! A woeful tale about a client who thought he had it all sewn up because he was sticking with his bank when he exchanged funds for the purchase of his house in Brittany. As we have so often said…  Watch out, there’s a banker about! Dave Simmonds and his wife, Megan (It's a true story, but the names have been changed to cover any possible embarrassment -  alright ‘Dave’? ) were both very, very excited after finding their ideal home in the heart of the Cotes d’Armor. It was everything they could ever wish for…    Early retirement with a very reasonably priced 5 Bedroomed Farmhouse on five acres plus three gites. Enough space for the horse that Megan could never have dreamt of owning back in Guildford.   A good potential income from holiday lettings...And a ll for just 360,000€ plus Notaire’s fees! I know,   barmy pri

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