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In Praise of The Half Price House - JUNE -

Home and Income at Half what such a property might cost in
Devon, Cornwall, Dorset etc.,
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I wonder how many of you have already clicked off to have a look at that one?! 
The Phenomenon of 'The Half Price House*' (or less) • It's quite something isn't it to be able to say - that just two hundred miles to the south of our shores; the UK's southern shores, where property is regarded as the most expensive in our own country... that there should be beautiful and interesting countryside, and that in or around intriguing and heritage steeped towns and villages, where properties are available for half the price (like for like - if such a thing should be found) of what our domestic market offers us and often quite a lot lower than half for comparable properties... (OK, OK... I know we have some international visitors... but I'm sure there are many points of recognition for you too). Scroll down for some more 'Half Price' properties!

This one is available for just 26,500€?!!... 
Of course, a lot less than half its seeming value...

26,500€? It wouldn't even buy you a one car garage in L.A. (Littlehampton!).
But, "comparable properties", I hear you say. That's maybe not quite the right term to use, because often Brittany and Normandy have some houses that aren't matched or like those commonly to be found in the UK... But there are many more of the property types that 2nd home seekers or cross channel movers are looking for. Something different to what's commonly found in Britain... whether it's because of the antiquity or the location there are plenty of places in Northern France that fire the imagination as well as having an appeal to the pocket. Especially where buyers are looking to 'sell their own at the top', move on and buy lower down the budget ladder to maximise their funds in hand ... especially if it's to provide or expand a 'pension pot' - the occupational or private pension that was just not affordable when you were younger or that just won't cut it when it's important that it should...

164,000€ + Notaire's Fees 3 Bedroomed Renovated House in picturesque village with huge municipal lake
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Here (and below) are a few picks from this month's intake or those dropped in price that, if they were on home turf, would be offered at double or more ...
Click around our sites... www.ahouseinbrittany or www.ahouseinnormandy and, if you see something that you don't want to miss... drop us an e-mail or give us a call if you want to put more equity or funds into your life. We'll fix your viewing appointment and...off you go:- Exciting times ahead!
220,500€ + Notaire's Fees - On an island! - Between Josselin and Loudeac
A 2 Bedroomed Mill House
on the banks of the Nantes/Brest Canal with 1035m2 of land
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76,680€ + Fees • La Chapelle Neuve BRITTANY
3 Bedroomed Cottage + Outbuildings + 1 Acre

407,500€ + Fees • Morlaix BRITTANY
5 Bedroomed House + Chalet + Pool + Garage + 4 Acres

link to it on our BRITTANY site
192,500€ + Fees • Villedieu Les Poeles NORMANDY
3 Bedroomed House + 2 Bedroomed Gite + 8 Acres

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90,720€ + Fees • Lonay L'Abbaye NORMANDY
2 Bed Cottage + Cottage to Renovate + 1.75 Acres

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*Note: I'm using the description 'Half Price House to illustrate the huge difference between prices in the Southern half of the UK and the area we cover in Northwest France where like for like properties are often half the price or less of what is available on the UK market.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Property Price Drops... It's a Normandy & Breton Bonanza!!

NORMANDY  Tessy-sur-Vire • 6 Bedroomed property 2 Gites nr 14,000m2 
Price WAS 360,400 € +Notaire's Fees • Price NOW 299,000 € +Notaire's Fees
Sorry about the alliteration... But what's happening just now is worthy of a tabloid style headline! As we trawl our website and those of our agents and associates purging those properties that have sold and adjusting the prices of those recently reduced it's obvious that there is the atmosphere of a 'bargain basement'. This phenomenon occurs when there is a situation of political movement... buyers are more nervous and cautious and vendors begin to wonder just when they are likely to sell and move on with their lives. So, there are price drops of properties that launched on to the market at the prices that vendors originally valued them at (often it's too high for the state of the market) and, by stealth they ratchet down and soon pass the acceptable, the intriguing toward the downright unbelievable. That's the time to strike and... when many, who have been watching the market. but maybe not quite closely enough find they have lost out and that the bargain has gone. It's one of those times right now...

BRITTANY • 3 bed House and 3 bed cottage with 1500m² with pool..
Price Originally 185,000 € +Notaire's Fees • Price NOW 135,975€ +Notaire's Fees
There has always been an incredible contrast between prices in (say) Southern England (in fact almost anywhere in the UK) and northern France... and nowhere is it more pronounced than in Brittany and Normandy... Check out some of the latest drops that we have been able to make on our websites in just a few recent days.

BRITTANY  Former flour mill with 3 bed house + 3 bedroomed house on 6 acres 
Price Originally  242,075 € +Notaire's Fees • Price NOW 169,600 € +Notaire's Fees
What's wrong with these places? Absolutely nothing!!... It's just politics. And the motto has to be "Who Dares Wins!" Quite simply if you are the first amongst those interested but have been hanging on for the political gloom to clear...you will be the first one to the prize! And it's starting to happen now... After a long period of inactivity we sold two houses in just two days last week and enquiries are on the increase...

NORMANDY • Lonlay L'Abbaye 2 Bedroomed Cottage (120m2 living space) on 7,126m2 + small cottage to renovate
Price WAS  120,400 € +Notaire's Fees • Price NOW 90,720 € +Notaire's Fees
We're here to fix appointments for you with our agents. They are all fully registered, English or English speaking and all can take you through from Maison to Manoir, Petite to Palatial, from Ruin to Renovation, And, from Ooh and Ahh  to Ooh-la-lah! Compromis to Completion - Oops... sorry about the alliteration! 
BRITTANY • Lamballle - 4 Bed Manor House for Renovation 'Spruce-Up' on 1.75 Acres
Price WAS  220,500 € +Notaire's Fees • Price NOW 189,000 € +Notaire's Fees

NORMANDY Le Teilleul 4 bedroomed detached stone house on 4800m2
Quiet setting in a Cul-de-sac • Restored habitable condition 
Price WAS 170,000 € +Notaire's Fees • Price NOW 160,000 € +Notaire's Fees 

o... Get House Hunting... We look forward to hearing from you!
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