Tuesday, 24 January 2017

What's happening in the Brittany Property Market just now?

Well, things are surprisingly good... with some minor reservations... Here's why... It's a given - for the short term future that the Sterling to Euro rate has been yo-yoing which has worried some amongst would be buyers, but - taking comfort every time there is a glint of good news and, raising itself up on to one elbow just to drop down again when someone makes a negative statement about Brexit or Calais migrants or Syria or even (heaven help the yanks)... 'The Donald'... because maybe some politico has told a fib about how good things might be within his first 100 days... the market is fickle... very fickle. But, currently, as I'm giving this a read through... the Sterling rate against the Euro has continued a positive creep. Over decades this kind of thing forms a sometimes confusing waveform. It's all about picking your time and being bold! I'm not trying to dispirit those who have always had an ambition to buy overseas property prices on the fringes of the "let's buy a property abroad world"... Turkey, Greece, Tunisia... all very much cheaper than they have been for decades). Excuse the hint of sarcasm but it was ever thus and, with the world in a state of flux because of continuing referenda, warfare, worrying election possibilities and results - it's something we all begin to recognise as the 'norm'. For my money France, especially Brittany, is looking better than ever from a value for money point of view...

Brittany's just over there... (a relaxing 'cruise' on Brittany Ferries will get you to St Malo overnight... Dieppe is just 4 hours and Caen is 6 hours) the natives are friendly (my neighbour's dad has been eternally delighted to be liberated by my dad and and his comrades in 1944/5... and they seem even to admire that les Anglais have voted to leave Europe... I think many of them wish they had had the opportunity too... In fact I think they might... who knows what the French elections this coming May will present us with. And having visited France a good number of times (and Brittany several hundred) I can honestly say that a majority of Bretons do not regard themselves as true French but Bretons first and French second. And long ago there was a Celtic and Gallic infusion from Cornwall, Wales and Ireland which means we are all brethren!

But more seriously the prices, which have always looked ridiculously low by comparison to those in the UK, are falling further as vendors realise that they are not likely to get their ideal price whilst things are the way they are. And so they are reducing their asking prices when there have been fewer takers of the bait found on any of the many property websites that abound.

Take this one for example... admittedly still not in the 'small change from your pocket' league... But, with 12 bedrooms in total on 7 Hectare of mixed land, it is a head banging bargain for anyone fed up with life in the UK who wants to venture out into the Leisure, Equestrian, Holiday, BandB, Chambres d'Hotes market or to just pootle around whilst cutting wood for the log burner in winter - or mowing the 7 hectares - why not introduce the French to 'Pick Your Own'... 'Le Car Boot' or just rent out as Gites in the Spring and Summer. An 8 bedroomed Manor House plus a Four Bedroomed Farmhouse all on 7 Hectares of woodland, pasture, garden and parc... is one where there is a human story responsible for the perrennially falling asking price...

A musician who enjoyed life in Brittany between touring stints had bad news about his health and can no longer work or even comfortably travel to this idyllic hideaway... But you can. The property, which originally floated on the market at 650,000 Euros, is now available for just 300,000 Euros. Not just well worth the money but something of a giveaway...

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