Friday, 13 February 2015

France is gripped by a Flu Epidemic!

It's probably all that kissing!

They are dropping like flies in France! An epidemic is defined by 165 cases in every 100,000 head of population. And figures show that France currently has a whopping 905 in every 100,000 going down with it which means they are on red alert. It may be nothing more than an established custom, a way of saying hello or goodbye - and most do it without thinking, on auto-pilot. So they are bringing it on themselves. I'm also sure that, as distant cousins, and quite cold by comparison, us Brits are definitely less affected by 'la grippe'. But, having been supplied with a vaccine designed for last year's strain of flu which has apparently mutated somewhat...this winter's jab has not had the desired effect and so many of those in high risk groups are being left without the protection they hoped for.
All I can say is, that for our French friends, as Valentine's Day looms, then probably the whole nation will be spreading the virus and France will be out of business for a week or two... all because of that 'faire la bise'!

I have always used this simple test to diagnose flu (as opposed to just a heavy cold or chesty cough) pointing out that there is a £20 (OK make it £50) note on the lawn outside... It's raining, windy - or even snowing out there... If the individual claiming a 'sickie' gets out of bed to claim the money as theirs they have a cough or cold. If they just moan and sink back into the pillow they have the flu.

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